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Greater Boston Real Estate Picking up the Pace

You may not see the daffodils yet, but we assure you the spring real estate market is in full swing. Since January 1, 2021, The Home Advantage Team has delivered the following results for clients across Greater Boston:
29 Homes Listed, 12 Under Agreement, 14 SOLD, 4 Currently for Sale

In a tight market with relatively low inventory, we are still seeing positive activity among both home buyers and home sellers.

Selling a home these days is so much more than just listing it on MLS. Buying a home is so much more than just going to an open house. There is a benefit to having a team of professionals by your side to manage the logistics of appointments and multiple offers that are happening across all price points in the market.

Trust The Home Advantage Team’s local expertise and Gibson Sotheby's global reach to assist with your homeownership needs wherever you are, or wherever you want to be.

Be sure to check back with us soon! We have more listings coming up in the month of March. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, be sure to sign up with us at WWW.YOURHOMEFORSALE.COM.


The Home Advantage Team by the Numbers


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    Now more than ever, real estate in the Greater Boston area requires a certain level of tenacity, persistence, and know-how. The market conditions and circumstances are changing almost daily, and understandably it can be hard for home buyers and sellers to keep up.

    That’s where The Home Advantage Team comes in. Wherever life brings you these days, we have you covered.

    • Tired of renting?
    • Ready to downsize?
    • Need more space?
    • Looking to relocate?

    Connect with us and get the latest information on new listings, properties coming soon, and tips for home buyers and home sellers. We are your Home Advantage Team in a competitive market. Contact us today, 781-645-0505,

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      The Magic You Don't See – Behind-the-Scenes of Fast-Selling Homes

      We are clearly in a sellers’ market. Demand is high with a backlog of buyers, and inventory is low with uncertain sellers. If you are thinking of selling you may be asking yourself - my home will probably sell itself, why should I bother using an agent?

      If you take a look at some of our recent listing stats, you might see why there is a benefit to having a team of professionals by your side to manage the logistics of appointments and multiple offers that are happening across all price points in the market. And that’s just the beginning.

      The Magic Behind Fast Selling Homes

      Selling a home these days is so much more than just listing it on MLS. It’s what you don’t see behind the scenes that propels a home into the spotlight. It takes a team of professionals to coordinate staging, home improvements, photography, and marketing plans to promote your home to the most qualified buyers. It’s understanding contingencies, timeframes and legal nuances that accompany just about every offer these days. It’s knowing when to say ‘no’ to buyer demands and knowing when to compromise to get the best price and terms for your home.

      Peace-of-mind is priceless and missing out on getting the best value for your most important investment isn’t something you can go back and redo.

      Do it right the first time, put your home in our hands and let us work our magic for you.

      Contact us today.


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        Real Estate Off to the Races in 2021

        ‘Unprecedented times’ might be the understatement of the year for Greater Boston real estate in 2021. Inventory remains low throughout much of the area, but demand has never been greater. Take this recent listing from The Home Advantage Team – 61 Old Mystic Street in Arlington is a beautiful home that checks off many must-haves for today’s home buyers. We listed this home on Wednesday February 4th, 4 days later we totaled 77 appointments which resulted in 21 offers and the home is currently under contract.

        That is truly remarkable, but more importantly, each of those 77 appointments was handled in an organized and safe fashion. Rather than hosting an open house with people lined up around the block, The Home Advantage Team ensured an orderly viewing schedule in 15-20 increments, with masks, hand sanitizer, booties, tarps and all the lights on so prospective buyers need not touch a thing.

        It gave the sellers a sense of comfort knowing the process was handled efficiently and professionally, and buyers could plan accordingly rather than stress over an open house with too many people gathered and waiting.

        Sellers, this is an amazing time to sell your home. If you have been on the fence, it’s time to hop over and join us. We will craft a home selling strategy tailored to your needs and timeframe.

        Buyers, it is a competitive market but it is not impossible to find the home you’ve always dreamed of. With the right help and a plan backed by a team of local professionals, we will work hard to find you the right home in the town or neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.

        TAKE NOTE! We also have several new listings coming up THIS WEEK and more on deck in the weeks to come. If you never want to miss a listing again, sign up with us at WWW.YOURHOMEFORSALE.COM.

        Don’t waste another minute, contact us today and make 2021 your best year yet!    



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          What Does 'Home' Mean to You?

          Home is so much more than we ever thought it would (or could) be a year ago. We have transformed our living spaces into places where we live, eat, work and sleep on repeat. 

          We make the most of what we have, but sometimes we have to make a move for something more. If you are requiring more than your current home can provide, or maybe your home is more than you need right now, you’re not alone.

          The good news is the market for selling a home in the Greater Boston area is incredibly strong - properties are selling quickly and often with multiple offers. And if you’re looking to buy, we have a number of new properties coming soon and we are seeing activity picking up among sellers.

          In the meantime, what does ‘home’ look like for you these days? Here are some examples of how people are making the most of their spaces.

          • Work (laptop at the kitchen table)
          • School (desk in a bedroom)
          • Gym (rolled out yoga mat in the basement)
          • Movie Theater (Netflix)
          • Live Concert (Alexa playlist)
          • Art Gallery (new framed print from Wayfair)
          • Place of Community Service (Mask-making)
          • Happy Hour (Zoom with friends)
          • Farm-to-table (backyard garden & and an Instapot)
          • Al fresco dining (firepit with neighbors)

          If you would like to learn more about the possibility of selling your current home or if you would like to explore the idea of purchasing a new one, contact us. With more than 35 years in the business, we have the skills and expertise for every real estate situation - in any market.

          What does 'home' mean to you?



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            Tune in to Catch Our Ad on the Radio!

            Turn the radio up!

            The Home Advantage Team will be streaming our latest ad to promote YOURHOMEFORSALE.COM on iHeart Radio! 

            Keep an ear out for the ad streaming on your favorite stations or hear Billy Costa from KISS 108 read it live during the Matty in the Morning Show. Be sure to pop over to WBZ, you can hear about us there too!

            And remember, if you are buying, selling, or downsizing your home, gets results. is your local and trusted real estate resource for Greater Boston and beyond - contact us today.


            Tune in to hear our ad on the radio!



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              Arlington & Medford Real Estate Over the Years

              End of Year Market Report, 2020


              Arlington and Medford have been, and continue to be, strong real estate markets in Greater Boston. Both towns have seen lower inventory levels in 2020 as compared to 2019, but home values have remained strong and steady for the last 8+ years. Medford in particular has seen a steady uptick in total market dollar volume, with 2020 being the strongest year yet!

              If you are a home buyer, rest easy knowing homes in these towns tend to hold or increase in value over the years. If you are a home seller, it’s a great time to sell while there’s less competition and many buyers who are ready to get moving in 2021!


              Single Family Home Sales Volume

              Single Family Home Sales Medford


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                Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team Deliver Results in 2020

                Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team persevered through uncertainty, persisted through a pandemic, and prevailed by delivering unparalleled results for clients in 2020.

                Last year at this time we wrote, We are entering the year 2020 with many changes upon us… and we encountered more changes than any of us could have imagined. Throughout 2020 we provided our input and insights, as well as masks and hand sanitizer, so our buyers and sellers would feel safe, informed, and confident in the real estate process.

                Our commitment to client service has resulted in these impressive stats for 2020:

                • #1 team in Arlington for more than 30 years (by units sold and volume)
                • #1 team in Medford (by volume)
                • #1 team in Arlington & Medford combined (by units sold and volume)
                • #2 team at Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty (by units sold)
                • #25 team in Massachusetts (by volume)

                It is worth noting that in Arlington, the team’s total sales volume is more than double that of the next leading agent.

                None of this is coincidence, nor is it luck.

                The team’s tailored, concierge approach to client service has earned us the trust of the buyer and seller communities across Greater Boston, time and again.

                Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or you would just like some real estate insight and guidance in 2021, put your home in our hands, and let us get to work for you.

                Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team deliver results in 2020


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                  One Constant in a Year of Uncertainty

                  As we wrap up a challenging year and look ahead to better times, it is safe to say that Greater Boston real estate was a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy year. Home sales in Greater Boston were strong, with homes selling quickly and competitively. Inventory remained low, but an active market meant multiple offers and buyers extending their home searches far and wide.

                  The real estate market in our area typically remains steady during difficult times, and this time was no different. In this case, a unique driving factor was that working, schooling, and living would occur out of the home more than anyone could have imagined a year ago. And when two home offices and two or more in-home classrooms are all under one roof, it can get a little – cramped.

                  As a result, we saw a demographic shift out of high-rise condos in the city and into the homes and converted condos of the suburbs. Elevators, shared spaces, common areas could make life downright difficult during a pandemic. On the flip side, Greater Boston homes with yards, extra space for offices (or just separation of space in general) – took off.

                  When our world turned upside down in March, we were all ‘flying the plane as it was being built,’ as they say. But even with incredible uncertainty early on in the pandemic, we were one of the first real estate teams to suspend our open houses and put the safety of our clients first. We adapted by providing private tours and equipping buyers with hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks.

                  In a time of upheaval, we provided our input, insights and expert advice so our buyers and sellers could understand the current climate and assess the best course of action at that time.

                  We implemented new technologies, including virtual tours, live walk-throughs and live webinars to reach potential buyers for our sellers, and to help clients understand a real estate landscape that changed almost weekly.

                  But with all these changes, there has been a constant that the Home Advantage Team has relied on for more than 30 years in the business.

                  Whether it’s a pandemic, a recession, political unrest or economic fluctuation, The Home Advantage Team approaches uncertainty by adapting and adjusting. But our unwavering constant in the face of any challenge is and has always been, putting the best interest of our clients first. 


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