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Inman News, a source of independent real estate news for industry professionals and consumers, just came out with a new article that reviews the National Association of Realtors' 2011 Member Profile. They say, "The typical Realtor of today is older and has more experience than the typical Realtor one year ago..."
Personally, I prefer the term 'seasoned' over 'older' but I'm OK with the label - mostly because I'm young at heart and that's what counts, right?  
I thought this was an interesting article because as someone who has been in the industry for more than 25 years, I've seen the fads come and go, the statistics vary, and the markets go up and down (and back up again). But I have learned that no matter where someone is in their career as a Realtor, there are certain things to consider: 
1.       You can't fake experience. No one starts out as an 'experienced' broker. You have to cut your teeth in the industry like everyone else. However, while you can't fake experience, you can build a network and client base from hard work, attention to detail and integrity.  
2.       You can't become stagnant. Becoming stagnant and failing to adapt can lead prospective clients to look elsewhere for someone to handle their business. But trying out new ideas, not taking clients for granted and going the extra mile will ultimately grow your business and keep it fresh. 
I may be a curve breaker with 25+ years under my belt (according to the report, the average broker has 12 years experience), but how I approach my business and interact with clients is a constant work in progress. Clients give feedback and we listen. New technologies come on the market and we try them out. New modes of communication arise and we answer the call - or email, or text, as the case may be.  
So what are the make-or-break qualities that impact how you operate, or who you do business with? I'm interested to hear your input.

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