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A Scooper-Cool Guide to Local Ice Cream

tech <div><span><span>With Memorial Day behind us and the unofficial start of summer upon us, it's time to bring on the barbeque, white pants, and - most importantly - the ice cream.  Recently, on an</span> <a href= ""><span>Arlington community list</span></a><span>, there was a topic so hot it would melt the jimmies off your double scoop of Brigham's Big Dig, and that topic was ice cream.</span></span></div> <div><span><span>Why is a real estate team interested in ice cream, you ask? Just as good schools and proximity to public transportation are selling points, so is ice cream availability (or at least we think so). So we took it upon ourselves to do a little research and gather all of this delicious information and make it easier for you to get your summer fix.</span></span></div> <div><span><span>And if this list doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, go check out the</span> <a href= ""><span>29<sup>th</sup> Annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl</span></a><span>, June 7-9<sup>th</sup> from noon-8:00 p.m. on City Hall Plaza. It is the largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival, serving up ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet from eight of the nation's leading ice cream companies. You can eat ice cream knowing you're supporting a great cause.</span></span></div> <div><span><span>And here is your unofficial, insider's scoop to local ice cream:</span></span></div> <div><b><span style= "text-decoration: underline;"><span><span>Arlington:</span></span></span></b></div> <div><span><a href=""><span><span>Brigham's <span>Ice Cream</span></span></span></a> <span><span>1328 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington</span></span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop:</span></b> <span>You don't get more local than Brigham's Ice Cream. Quack Tracks, Big Dig, and Sweet-Cara-Mel?  Good times never seemed so good, indeed.</span></span></div> <div><span><a href= ""> <span>Chilly Cow</span></a> <span><span>451 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington </span></span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop</span></b><span>: Come for an i</span></span><span>ce cream parlor dining experience of yesteryear, stay for the frozen custard and signature sundae, "The Monster."</span></div> <div><span><a href= ""><span>Trader Joe's</span></a> <span>1427 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington</span></span></div> <div><a href="about:blank" name="12"><b><span><span><span>The scoop</span>:</span></span></b></a> <span><span><span>While Trader Joe's is not an ice cream shop, their French Vanilla</span></span> <span>is worth the stop. And there's nothing 'vanilla' about it.</span></span></div> <div><b><span style= "text-decoration: underline;"><span><span>Lexington:</span></span></span></b></div> <h4><span><a href= ";_ylt=AvL3uE86hZj6yZXXEapGXB6HNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Arlington%2C+MA"> <span><span><span>Rancatore's Ice Cream</span></span></span></a></span><a href="about:blank" name= "29011032"></a> <span><span>1752 Massachusetts Ave</span><span>,</span> <span>Lexington</span></span></h4> <h4><span><span>The scoop:</span></span> <span>All of their ice cream is homemade in a small batch freezer at a factory behind the Lexington store. Ranc's is a local favorite. <span>You could order a 'micro' cup, but why would you?</span></span></h4> <h4><span><a href= ""><span><span>Candy Castle</span></span></a></span><span><span>1853 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington</span></span></h4> <h4><span><span>The scoop:</span></span> <span><span>Grab a cone of Moose Tracks and make tracks over to the Lexington Green across the street. Take a seat in the shade and you might catch a fife and drummer out playing Yankee Doodle in period garb.</span></span></h4> <div><span><a href=""><span>Macaron Sweeterie</span></a> </span>848 Massachusetts Avenue, East Lexington</div> <h4><span>The scoop:</span> <span>The new kid on the block offers gelato, and, of course, macarons. Order up both and you're in for a doubly-delicious treat. </span></h4> <h4><span><a href= ""><span><span>Friendly's</span></span></a></span> <span><span>1060 Waltham Street, Lexington</span></span></h4> <h4><span><span>The scoop:</span></span> <span><span>Who doesn't wanna go to Friendly's? You can have your choice of Sundaes, Fribbles, blends and frappes, or make your own creation. Have it in-store or take it to go (just go quickly before it melts!)</span></span></h4> <h4><span><span>Cambridge:</span></span></h4> <h4><span><a href= ";_ylt=Ai668GyLBbMFd8woWobTNRqHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Arlington%2C+MA"> <span><span><span>JP Licks Ice Cream</span></span></span></a></span><a href="about:blank" name= "10187894"></a> <span><span>1310 Massachusetts Ave</span><span>,</span> <span>Cambridge</span></span></h4> <h4><span><span>The scoop:</span></span> <span><span>JP Licks is a Boston-area ice cream institution. You get the best of both worlds - classics done right like chocolate and strawberry, and options for the more adventurous crowd, such as</span></span> <span>burnt caramel, cardamom and saffron.</span></h4> <div><span><a href= ""><span> Christina's Homemade Ice Cream</span></a><span>, 1255 Cambridge Street, Cambridge</span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop:</span></b> <span>For the gourmet ice cream hipsters, you get great flavors in a trendy, urban atmosphere. At Christina's, it's never been so cool to eat ice cream.</span></span></div> <div><span><a href= ""><span> Toscanini's</span></a> <span>899 Main Street, Central Square, Cambridge</span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop:</span></b> <span>A neighborhood ice cream parlor with award winning flavors and national recognition. When your favorite ice cream is tested in a lab, you know you're in for something good.</span></span></div> <div><b><span style= "text-decoration: underline;"><span><span>Belmont:</span></span></span></b></div> <div><span><a href=""><span>Angelato Café</span></a> <span>374 Trapelo Road, Belmont</span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop:</span></b> <span>The name says it all. Come for the ambiance, an-gelato. They have special flavors including Concord Grape, Strawberry Oreo, and Green Apple.</span></span></div> <div><b><span style= "text-decoration: underline;"><span><span>Elsewhere:</span></span></span></b></div> <div><span><a href= ""><span>Bedford Farms</span></a> <span>18 North Road, Bedford, and 68 Thoreau Street, Concord</span></span></div> <h4><span>The scoop:</span><a href="about:blank" name= "3"></a><span>Specialties include <span><span style= "text-decoration: underline;">g</span></span><span>ourmet ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve in over 60 flavors. Plus, they have a new Loyalty Program where you can literally eat your way to FREE ice cream.</span></span></h4> <div><span><a href= ""><span>Kimball Farm</span></a> <span>343 Bedford Road, Carlisle (locations also Westford, Lancaster, and Jaffrey NH).</span></span></div> <div><span><b><span>The scoop:</span></b><span>  Ice cream with ambiance. Enjoy a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere while looking out over fields and meadows. The kids will love the sheep</span></span><span><span>, goats, and geese on this little farm.</span></span></div> <div><a href="about:blank" name="1"></a><span><span>And finally, if you're on the road this summer, check out this site for the best of New England ice cream, from the Cape to the Green Mountains you'll never go without. Ice cream, that is.</span> <a href= ""><span></span></a></span></div>

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