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Organizing 101

tech <div><span>Think about how many hours you have spent looking for your keys. How about the remote?  Or that thing you swear you put <i>here</i> but is no longer <i>anywhere</i>?</span></div> <div><span>Organization is one of those life skills that should be taught in college. It would certainly be more useful than, say, 'Intro to Beverage Management,' (which is a real college class by the way). Being organized is a building block for a more productive and efficient life - and let's face it, the less time you spend looking for your keys, the more time you have to practice your beverage management skills.</span></div> <div><span>Here's a video from</span> <a href= ""><span>Real Living</span></a> <span>with some quick and easy tips to get you on a path to a more organized life.</span></div>

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