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YourHomeForSale Welcomes the Newest Member to Its Team


YourHomeForSale Welcomes the Newest Member to Its Team
The #1 Real Estate Team in Arlington Has a Nose for Talent

Arlington, Mass. (Wednesday, October 26, 2011) - Steve McKenna and the Home Advantage Team today announced the newest member to the #1 real estate team in Arlington, Mass., "Cooper." After much deliberation, it was determined that the team needed a colleague that could sniff out the best real estate deals in Arlington, shake hands with clients, and speak the team's message loud and clear.

"Cooper keeps us on a short leash," says Erika Pereira, Realtor for Steve McKenna and the Home Advantage Team. "He only barks at us when we need to focus and keep on the task at hand. He's great at walking the neighborhoods, and he's a champ at meeting people and drumming up business. Plus, he runs circles around the competition."

Cooper comes from a long line of multi-taskers with a pedigree for leadership and guiding groups in the right direction. While Cooper does have a tendency to nap on the job, his exceptional skills in chasing new deals and retrieving new leads will no doubt earn him a spot on the couch.

"I must admit that I was hesitant about having an employee that was so... rambunctious. For example, he likes to chase cars, but he's sure not going to ride in mine! What won me over was his uncanny ability to get people to open up - one wag of the tail and everyone wants to be his best friend. He's a real pack leader and an asset to the team."

Cooper's real estate expertise does not deal specifically with condos, multi-families, or single family homes. His unique niche? Dog houses. He is currently working on his new Website:, so check back soon for more information.

Please join us in welcoming Cooper!

Good dog.