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But Don't Take Our Word for It... (Part III)

Recently, Harvard Business Review came out with post stating: Marketing Is Dead. It's a bold statement, and I think marketing is still a vital component of today's businesses - it just that it has a new mix of methods for the mission.

The biggest shift for many organizations is going from 'marketing to' customers to 'engaging with.' This means marketing is a two-way street, so when you engage with customers, you better a) listen, and b) know what you're talking about or they will call you out and take their business elsewhere (oh and by the way, they'll share it with all of their friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

On the flip side, if they like you, they'll do more to build your reputation than an ad ever could.

The HBR article sums it up nicely:

"...when you contemplate a major purchase, such as a new roof, a flat screen TV, [a home], or a good surgeon, you're not likely to go looking for a salesperson to talk to, or to read through a bunch of corporate website content. Instead, you'll probably ask neighbors or friends -- your peer network -- what or whom they're using..."

Speaking of neighbors and friends (ahem), our customers are just that - your neighbors, coworkers and friends in the community. It is one thing for us to say 'if you're looking to buy or sell a home, choose us' - but it's another thing altogether for you to hear it from a peer you know and trust.

We are very grateful to have these wonderful customers speak up on our behalf. Read what they have to say about us and then take a look through our previous But Don't Take Our Word For Itposts, as well as our Testimonials page - and share the love! J

Karen - Seller, Pleasant Street in Arlington

My experience with Bowes Real Estate and with Steve McKenna's team was an A+ experience. As a first-time seller, I had a lot of questions, and a bit of trepidation. Steve's team was supportive and walked me through every step of the process. I recommend them enthusiastically.

Sara - Buyer on Waverley Ave. and Seller on Mystic Ave. in Arlington

It's never easy to sell your home, but with a toddler, a dog and a new baby due soon, we had a recipe for disaster on our hands. Thank goodness we chose to go with Erika and Bowes Real Estate! She went above and beyond to help us sell our home, making sure the entire process went smoothly.


When it came to buying a home, we were worried about finding a house right for us, especially considering Arlington's competitive housing market. We ended up finding a house that had everything we were looking for and more! Without Erika, I'm sure we never would have ended up getting such a wonderful home.

I am so thankful that we decided to go with Erika to sell our first home and buy our new one. There is just so much involved in both processes, but Erika helped us every step of the way and ensured both deals went smoothly, helping us even after all papers were signed!And especially considering we were so busy with the new baby coming, it was just such a relief to have such a kind and hard-working real estate agent that we knew we could completely trust. I'd recommend her to anyone!

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