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Like Us on Facebook! :P

Let's be honest. How annoying are those four words? Particularly when you have no connection to the page/organization that is requesting your Like.


Because of this, we are especially grateful when people 'Like' our page. We know you're busy, we know you've got a Facebook feed full of friends and information coming at you from all angles. So to all of our recent Facebook Fans (and you know who you are), we really appreciate your 'Like.' 

"Before Facebook, you had to 'like' things with your feelings" via @mattkoff.

The thing about Liking YourHomeForSale on Facebook is that there's no catch. We give free advice, helpful insight, community information, all with a good amount of snark and humor just for fun - and we really try not to be annoying.


So maybe, if you like us like us, you'll tell your friends or share our stories - it's kind of like passing a note in class, except much easier, and you won't end up in detention. 


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