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5 Things to Better-Know-a-Real Estate Team: Donna Agostino

You've gotten the inside scoop on Steve, Erika and Mitzi of The Home Advantage Team. Now we'll let you in on 5 Things about our own native Arlingtonian, Donna Agostino.


Remember the old Bo Knows commercials? Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball, etc? If you're under the age of 35 or not into sports, maybe you don't - Bo Jackson was an athlete who played both professional football and baseball very well. He probably could have played any sport (except maybe hockey) if he wanted to. 

If there were something similar for Arlington, it might go something like this:


·         Donna knows marketing materials.
·         Donna knows transaction coordination.
·         Donna knows Arlington. 

As the Transaction Listing Coordinator for The Home Advantage Team, Donna knows a lot about the inner workings of getting a home listed and sold smoothly. From coordinating open houses, showing instructions and marketing plans, to meeting with bank appraisers and the Fire Department to obtain smoke and CO2 certificates, Donna knows how to get the job done.


But did you also know that Donna knows dogs and the secret to a long and happy marriage? 
5 Things About DONNA AGOSTINO You Never Thought You'd Want to Know (But Do Now)
·         I have a dog named Oscar who likes to ride shot-gun.


·         I have been married for 31 years and have 2 kids.


·         I go out once a month with girlfriends of 40+ years.


·         I have lived in Arlington my whole life and am a 3rd generation Arlingtonian.


·         My favorite color is green.

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