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5 Things to Better-Know-a-Real Estate Team: Wrap-up.

So there you have it. We've dished on some things that you might not have known about Steve, Erika, Mitzi, Donna and Carolyn of The Home Advantage Team.


And while it's true there is no 'I' in 'team' - there is a Home Advantage.
By maximizing the strengths of each individual on The Home Advantage Team we are able to provide a greater depth and breadth of experience for clients throughout the home buying and selling experience. 
If you were going into surgery, of course you would want the best surgeon with the most experience and practical knowledge in his or her field. But wouldn't you also want someone handing over the scalpel? And someone else monitoring vital stats? And yet others prepping and assisting throughout the process? The same theory applies when buying and selling a home - minus the stethoscope.

It's just as we've always said to potential clients, it doesn't cost more to use the number one real estate team, but it could cost you more if you don't.










I love chocolate.


I'm freakishly strong. I can lift 135 pounds from a dead lift.


I love the beach!


I have a dog named Oscar who likes to ride shot-gun.


I hate to shop.


I've never drank coffee.


I've been skydiving.


Every summer, I travel with family and friends to a different major league ballpark.


I have been married for 31 years and have 2 kids.


I have developed a fear of flying and of thunderstorms.


I've never drank liquor (a personal choice - not a religious one!).


My father was born in Portugal, so I am a first generation.


Recently I was part of a flash mob being filmed for HGTV.


I go out once a month with girlfriends of 40+ years.


I have run four marathons - someday I'd like to run a fifth with my daughter.


My wife and I have a cat named Lizzie.


I love country music and own cowboy boots (emerald green).


I played tennis on my high school and college tennis teams.


I have lived in Arlington my whole life and am a 3rd generation Arlingtonian.


I enjoy NPR, The Daily Show, and a good crossword puzzle.


I love to play golf (when I can).


I have a crazy shoe collection (in both style and quantity).


In the summer, my family has lobster traps off the coast of Scituate.


My favorite color is green.


My favorite station on Pandora is Mumford & Sons.



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