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Selling a Home with Pets? Read This Furrst.

What's even better than Cats? Apparently, cats. If you haven't noticed, there is a feline fascination sweeping the nation, largely fueled by lunch-time breaks watching these adorable fluffballs falling asleep, falling off countertops, or flinging themselves onto unsuspecting passersby.

Cats on the runway at Fashion Week, a new cat game piece for Monopoly, the copycat festival in Somerville, and (click on this for a good laugh), "Fat, wet cat makes news anchor completely lose control of herself on live TV." The list goes on and on like an unraveling ball of yarn.

Dog people love their dogs. Cat people love their cats. We're not touching that debate with a ten foot leash. While the two groups don't always see eye to eye, there are some rules all pet owners should take into consideration when selling a home.

As much as people might like watching funny pet videos online, most people do not like seeing evidence of pets in a potential home.

Even if they are pet-lovers themselves. Even if your pet is the cutest, most well-behaved of them all. Even if your pet has 500,000 views on YouTube. People don't want to see it, hear it, or most importantly - smell it.

You never know if someone has an allergy or fear of pets that might have them walking out door with their tail between their legs before an offer is even considered. The best thing you can do if you're selling your home is have your pet stay with a family member or friend, or board them if possible.

 Of course, this is not always possible - it can be costly and can be tough on both pet and owner to be apart. In lieu of relocation, the next best option is to do a pet-cleanse. Meaning, get rid of the scratching post, kibble bowls, beds and all related fur for every showing and open house.

The vacuum must become man's new best friend.

It's a pain, sure. But just consider it another item on the list of preparing (and maintaining) your home throughout the home-selling process. Keep your yard clean, your home clutter-free and your pets under the buyer radar as best as possible.

Because getting a great price for your home is goal #1, paws down.

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