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The Best Deal in Town

The best deal in town isn't going to get you a free coffee, or extra toppings on your fro-yo, or even discounted theater tickets. But it could result in thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Basic principles of economics (or human nature) suggest that people want more for less.* Have you ever heard of a 'one for two' sale? Does a baker's dozen equal 11? Is Bounty the slower-picker-upper? Of course not. No one we know would willingly pay MORE and get LESS. This same principle goes for real estate as well.

In Massachusetts, the majority of real estate agent commissions fall between 2% and 3% for each real estate professional, making the average real estate commission rate for selling a home between 5% and 6%.
Assuming you are not attempting For Sale By Owner, and we've gone into the FSBO pro's and con's before, you're going to pay about the same rate for any given real estate professional you choose.
So if you could choose one real estate agent, or an entire real estate team - at no extra cost - wouldn't you pick the option that will get you the most bang for your buck?
As we've said before, there is No 'I' in Team - But There is a Home Advantage. There is an advantage to going with a team of exceptional professionals who can give you more expertise, more support, the best negotiating skills, the best transactions coordination, the best promotion and advertising, and most importantly - peace-of-mind knowing you got the best price for your home.
Don't get us wrong - we are not knocking the many successful solo real estate professionals out there. But it is very difficult to be both busy and successful as a solo real estate agent. There are just too many moving parts to any one real estate transaction - much less multiple transactions happening simultaneously.
Long-time success in real estate comes from a combination of knowledge, local expertise, and reputation supported by a great team. In other words, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."A strong real estate team can be more effective than any one real estate agent's efforts.
So the best deal in town means going with a team who can work to get you a better price on your home, whether you're buying or selling.
It's not going to cost you more to use the best real estate team around, but it could cost you if you don't.
*For the record, this post was written but not yet published when an article from Seth's Blog came out, Less for Less. We are huge fans of Seth's Blog, and some cosmic coincidence of content has us writing about a very similar topic. As Seth states, most of the time, yes, if you pay less you're going to get less. If you pay more, you're going to get more.  But not always.

And to his point, 'The benefits of the trusted, integrated community, the one that gives permission and seeks to be in sync--these benefits actually open the door for delivering more...'

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