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What's So Great About That?

The Great Room. One of the must-have features of the 21st century home - right up there with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and master suites. But before you start knocking down walls, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to the layout of a home.
First, let it be known that the pros of an open concept are many. With the kitchen, living room and dining room combined, it is definitely a more social atmosphere. Plenty of cooks can be in the kitchen without spoiling the broth. An open concept often allows for more natural light and creates a feeling of airy spaciousness - particularly for smaller homes.
But too much of a good thing (or in this case, too few walls) can be cumbersome as well. For example, if you're entertaining, you may not want a direct sight line to the dirty dishes and leftover mess of the kitchen. And if you have kids, a separate play area can keep the noise n' toys from encroaching on the entire living area. Like to take an afternoon nap? Sounds downstairs can be echoey and carry right up to the second floor.
Don't get us wrong - great rooms can be pretty great. And we know that most buyers today have this on their short list. But as with anything, it's worth taking a critical eye to the idea of the open concept, and think about whether it makes sense for your personality and lifestyle.
They say good fences make good neighbors. Does the same theory apply within the home? Or are we better off opening up breaking down walls?
Tell us what you think! Are you happy with your open concept, or is it too much of a great thing?

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