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Spring(ish) Cleaning

Even though Nantucket got hit with a blizzard last week and most of Massachusetts has had some form of snow/sleet this week, it is officially April and finally time to trade those snow boots for rain boots, shovels for rakes, salt for fertilizer, and sleds for bicycles.

For homeowners, spring means cleaning up in the wake of a particularly wild winter.

TulipsWhether you're thinking of preparing your home to sell, or you just need to freshen up, there are a number of spring cleaning steps that can have a big impact on how your home looks and feels. Here are a few to get you in the right frame of mind:


Clean out the closets, get rid of the clutter, steam clean rugs, wipe down walls, fixtures, floorboards, chair rails, ceiling fans, door knobs, switch plates and moldings, sanitize kitchens and bathrooms.

And out:

Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, garage cleanout (don't be a hoarder!), rake out garden beds, fresh coats of paint on the deck, pressure wash the siding, sweep walkways and patios.

We'll stick to helping clients buy and sell homes, and leave the down-and-dirty cleaning tips to the experts. Here are a few helpful resources with comprehensive checklists, how-tos, and everything in-between:

Martha Stewart - Throughout the House

Pinterest Spring Cleaning Lists

Better Homes & Gardens - The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Real Simple - Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

So go get some fresh flowers and once it's about 60 degrees out, turn off the heat, turn on some good music, open the windows and start scrubbing.

Happy spring(ish) cleaning!



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