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Timeline to Today's Arlington Real Estate Market

We all know that Arlington is a hot town, with great schools, plenty of shops and restaurants and a hopping real estate market. But did you ever wonder how Arlington became the sought-after town it is today?

Listen to my in-depth talk on Real Estate Talk - Boston for more information 

A certain series of events paved the way - literally and figuratively - for Arlington to go from sleepy suburb to the vibrant, well-rounded community it is today.

1992: The Minuteman Bikeway was created. The Minuteman Bikeway runs from Alewife Station through the entire length of Arlington to Bedford. The bikeway is easily accessible to Arlington residents and directly impacted home values in town.

1995: Rent control in Cambridge was abolished. Following this rent 'decontrol,' rents at formerly controlled units increased sharply, causing many would-be renters to spill over into Arlington in search of more affordable housing.

2006: Long a dry town with restaurants only able to sell beer and wine to food-purchasing customers, voters approve the retail sale of beer and wine.

2014: With more than 100 restaurants today, Arlington has become a dining destination. Additional loosening of alcohol regulations could allow for more alcohol-serving restaurants to open.


All of these events (and more) have transformed Arlington into the town we live in today. Young working professionals are drawn to Arlington because of its walkability, accessibility, diversity, and the opportunities it affords to raise a family.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chris Devin of Real Estate Talk - Boston about the Arlington Market. You can hear the complete interview about what makes Arlington such a great  place to live here.

You can also catch my segment on Sellers Tips (Can You Sell Your Home Yourself?) here as well.


*image via: Wikimedia Commons

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