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Going Back...Wayyy Back (Real Estate #TBT)

In 1986 mustaches were not just for Movember. In 1986 a Tandy 600 Portable Computer was $1599.00, a Ford Mustang was $7,452, a gallon of gas was .89, and the Boston Red Sox played the New York Mets in the Worlds Series - and that's all we need to say about that.

If you were born in 1986 you're turning 28, so happy birthday. Or maybe in '86 you had big hair and braces and watched every episode of the Cosby Show. Or you might have tossed your Members Only jacket on the La-Z-y Boy recliner and listened to some Van Halen on your boom box after work.


1986 was a memorable year for me because that's when I began my career in real estate. Things were a little different back then for real estate, too:

  • Interest rates: 7.50%
  • Average cost of new house: $89,430
  • Median price of an existing home: $80,300
  • Average income per year: $22,400.00
  • Average monthly rent: $385.00


Twenty-eight years later and I have the same address on my business card - I also have the same commitment of providing each of my clients with the highest quality of professional service.

While these things have remained constant, Arlington real estate has changed throughout the years and I've adapted right along with it. Besides losing the mustache, I was the first person in town to have a PC, I was one of the first agents in town to launch their own website (, and I continue to hire staff and support which keep me head and shoulders above the competition.

#TBT is a fun way to look back to see how far we've come, but it's also a great reminder of why we keep moving ahead.