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15 Fun Real Estate 'Would Your Rathers'

It's always fun to imagine what you would do in certain situations -would you rather spend a luxury weekend on Nantucket or NYC? (Nantucket). Would you rather meet Big Papi or Tom Brady? (Tough one, but Tom). Would you rather have Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks? (Dunks).

Manos de un ejecutivo sujetando dos llaves,concepto de negocios.

Just for fun, we're giving you some real estate 'would you rather' questions to get you thinking about what your real estate choices say about you (and everyone else, of course).  Plus, if you're thinking of buying, your choices might shed light on certain must-haves - or rather nots.


So what are your real estate rathers? Take this quick survey and you might be surprised!


*image via: gosphotodesign