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Arlington Real Estate Report

On the heels of one of the busiest summers for selling homes, the Arlington fall real estate market is in full swing!

If you've been holding off on selling your current home because you think 'nothing is out there' for you to move into, think again! The number of single family home sales in Arlington is up 9.65% as compared to the same timeframe last year (see below*). This indication of an inventory crunch easing up means more options popping up for home buyers.

The average sales price for single family homes is also up 12.5%. So if you are thinking of selling, chances are you'll still get an amazing price on the sale of your existing home. However, this could change in the near future if inventory continues to rise, causing demand and home values to level off.

Arlington condos have also been hot this year, with the average sales price up 19.59% compared to the same timeframe last year. Boomers looking to downsize, urbanites who don't want yard maintenance, families who want walkability - there is a demand for condo living which means there is an amazing opportunity for condo home sellers right now!

Multi-family home values in Arlington continue to steadily increase with the average sales price up 5.17%. Multi-family homes in Arlington are often fantastic investment opportunities!

So what does this mean for you, potential home seller or home buyer? It means that inventory is showing signs of easing up with more options for home buyers, but home values have not yet reacted making it a great time to sell a home at a great price!


*Data Source: MLS, January--August 2013 vs. 2014


Single Family 


Sold Listings: 176    Avg. List$: $580,887    Avg. DOM: 27.43    Avg. Sale$: $599,407   


Sold Listings: 193    Avg. List$: $650,873    Avg. DOM: 22.38    Avg. Sale$: $674,383




Sold Listings: 193      Avg. List$: $371,908    Avg. DOM: 32.61    Avg. Sale$: $377,775


Sold Listings: 119    Avg. List$: $357,428    Avg. DOM: 50.46    Avg. Sale$: $363,290



Sold Listings: 35    Avg. List$: $593,194    Avg. DOM: 23.34    Avg. Sale$: $605,111


Sold Listings: 20    Avg. List$: $615,945    Avg. DOM: 42.25    Avg. Sale$: $636,425