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Top Ten Signs You Call Arlington Home

10) The Minuteman Bikeway is both a mode of transportation and a recreational option.

9) Sometimes you recognize dogs before you know who their owners are. #ThorndikeFieldDogPark

8) Choosing which great restaurant to go to on a Saturday night is a common problem.

7) You frequent Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Stop n' Shop, and Wilson's Farm just down the road - each for different purposes.

6) You can say you're going to 'The Theater' in town and mean it. #RegentTheater

5) You can say you're going to 'The Beach' in town and mean it. #ArlingtonReservoir

4) Whether you're 6 or 60, at some point you've been down the slides at Robbins Farm Park.

3) The Ed Burns Arena makes winter a little less harsh and a lot more fun.

2) You know the courtyard between Robbins Library and Town Hall is a hidden gem.

1) You wouldn't want to live anywhere else.











Image via: Balint Radu


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