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What Changes in 11 Years? (#TBT)

A whole lot. And not very much. When it comes to real estate there are variables that will fluctuate over the years - home prices, inventory, days on market. And there are constants that will remain unchanged - pricing a home to sell, marketing a home effectively, and keeping a long list of happy clients.

We're throwing back to a 2003 Home Advantage Team video, and it's interesting to hear the tried and true real estate strategies and approach to client service that we still employ today.


Just as it is in 2014, or as it was in 2003, or even 1986 when Steve started out in the business, every client has a unique plan tailored to their specific home selling needs. The Home Advantage Team 'lifts the burden of selling a home and takes off the shoulders of the seller.' The entire process - including all of the nuances, on-the-fly changes, and handling of market fluctuations - are handled by the team.

The Team isn't in this business to make a quick buck, or to use it as a stepping stone for their next career move. Year after year of proven results and happy clients are what make Steve McKenna and The Home Advantage Team Arlington's #1 real estate team.

Take a look at the throwback (#TBT) video and see what time tells.

Watch the HAT Video!