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Weather and Real Estate Poised to Heat Up

Sure it doesn't feel like it now (then again it's been so cold we can't feel much), but spring will come - and faster than you think.

According to Weather Wisdom on, "....[in] 1969 there was 30 inches of snow on the ground in Worcester on the first of March. Even with 7 inches of new snow during the month, there was only 1 inch left when April began."

Hope springs eternal.


Things are going to move quickly this spring - both in terms of the weather and real estate. Arlington and Medford in particular are poised to heat up as the temperature rises.

These towns are like two long-time best friends that are welcoming, easy going and fun to be around.

To start, they are both accessible with multiple modes of public transportation, close to Boston, walkable with many shops and restaurants, have plenty of parks, open space and good schools, and they're still relatively more affordable than neighboring towns of Cambridge, Lexington, Winchester and Belmont.

Among other pluses, Arlington recently reported a 25% drop in crimes from 2014. And if you're a seller, a Banker and Tradesman Report found that "...Arlington might be the only town in Massachusetts where when 100 percent of the inventory goes under agreement...." Those are some pretty compelling statistics.

Right next door, Medford is a hip place to call home. "After Somerville, where 43 percent of the population is in the age range of 20 to 34, the highest concentrations of millennials are in Waltham at 31 percent, and Medford and Brookline at 29 percent..." according to a article. If you wish that you could be like the cool kids, Medford is where you'll find them.

If you've had cold feet about buying or selling a home this winter, there are plenty of reasons to turn up the heat on your real estate plans.


*image via: Wikimedia Commons