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Now Is NOT the Time to Sell Your Home!

What's that now? Low interest rates, low inventory, little competition.... If you follow anything about real estate you know that there has probably never been a better time to sell your home - or has there?

Just take a look at a few headlines from the past five years. According to some industry experts, every year has been a great year to sell your home, even though economic and market conditions have changed drastically.

2010: 13 Reasons You Should Sell Your House Now Before It's Too Late - Business Insider

2011: Selling Your House? 5 Reasons To Do It NOW! - Keeping Current Matters

2012: 5 Reasons to Sell Now - Keeping Current Matters

2013: The Case For Selling Your House Now - Business Insider (w/ Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff)

2014: This is the year to sell your home - MarketWatch

It can be difficult to discern what is fact or fiction, real or imagined when it comes to real estate information. Do the national headlines apply to me? Should I panic? Should I wait? What's a potential home seller to do...

So are they wrong? (yes). Or are they right? (yes). Say what now?

The fact of the matter is, there are always going to be pros and cons when it comes to the timing of selling your home. When the real estate market was still slogging out of the recession in 2010, you might not get the highest price for your home, but you knew you could find one fairly easily and for a decent price. Now, the opposite is true. Home values have skyrocketed, meaning you'll likely get a great price for your home, but you might have more of a challenge finding one to move in to.

Just because people are telling you that now is a great time to sell your home doesn't mean that it's a great time for YOU to sell YOUR home.

A great first step to figuring it all out is with a comparative market analysis (CMA). But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Working with a professional real estate team that has helped thousands of people work through the process of how to sell their home - and when - is invaluable.

Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, but when it comes to making one of the biggest decisions of your life, you want someone who is honest enough to tell you what you need to hear - and experienced enough to help you successfully navigate the entire home selling process.



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