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Stay Ahead of the Curve - in the 'Burbs

Somerville is the new Brooklyn (or is it Allston now)? Hingham's Derby Street is the new Newbury Street. Burlington is the new South End.

We see a trend here.

Stuff is happening outside the city, and people seem pretty content to hang out in the 'burbs these days. And why not? With all of the shops, restaurants and the 'downtown' feel that many Greater Boston towns have worked so hard to cultivate, fighting traffic and strategizing for table in the city is a lot less necessary.

A recent article in the Boston Globe compared Burlington to the South End. Burlington. Ten years ago most people would have laughed and looked at you kinda funny. But not today. Towns like Burlington, Arlington, Medford and Winchester are turning into hubs of sophistication in their own right.

And communities like Holly Glen in Burlington were ahead of the curve. Development of these 32 single-family homes began in January 2013. Just 2 ½ years later homeowners at Holly Glen are enjoying the benefits of a beautiful new home in a vibrant area that was up-and-coming as the concrete foundations were poured.

Sound good to you?

We've got more projects just like Holly Glen on the horizon. If you'd like to stay ahead of the curve and learn about new developments (before they come on the market), please email: to join our mailing list. Don't worry, we won't bug you with anything but the latest updates on new developments we're working on in the area.

Just think, finding yourself a new home in a hot town begins with one click.

Image via: DollarPhotoClub, alpegor