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What You Don't Get

When researching a REALTOR® to represent your home listing, you'll usually get a list of benefits and services provided. Sometimes these can sound repetitive or even trite (Local expert! Professional service! We sell your home fast!). This can make it difficult to understand what sets an exceptional real estate professional apart from an average one.  

As always, we like to think about things a little bit differently. So while it's important to know what you're getting from your real estate professional, it's equally important to understand what you're NOT getting.

Here is the short list of what you should NOT get from your REALTOR®:

Stressed. This is probably one of the top reasons people delay or put off selling a home. It's a lot of work and it can be very stressful.

You get a lot of things from a REALTOR®, but stressed shouldn't be one of them.  REALTORs® are the shock absorbers of the home sale. Any bumps in the road are handled and managed by us. Appraiser running late? Need to get ready for an unexpected showing? Buyers dragging their feet on financing? These things happen. It is just the nature of the process. While we can't prevent the unexpected, we can plan for it. A good REALTOR® is there to smooth over the home-selling bumps and minimize the stress.

Stumped. There are just so many moving parts to preparing and listing a home that managing the details can quickly become overwhelming. How do you know where to begin? Or what to do next and when? A  REALTOR® should be so good at juggling tasks and to-do's that they could join the circus. And like a good ringmaster - a REALTOR® is center circle, making sure everything is coordinated, negotiated, planned, posted and advertised so you just need sit back, enjoy the show, and await the offers. 

Second-rate service. There is a reason a great REALTOR® continues to have clients refer friends and family - it's because they must give 100% attention and effort to Every. Single. Customer. On the flip side, you should never be 'passed off' or pushed aside. From a million dollar listing to a one bedroom condo - everyone deserves and receives the utmost time and attention.

Stuck. You've decided to sell your home but now what? Whether you're working two jobs or raising two kids, people are busy these days and the last thing anyone needs is another to-do list. Who will put a fresh coat of paint on the walls? Who will fix that broken window pane? Who will clean it? Who will to stage it so it sells fast? A REALTOR® should - or at least they should have a network of trusted vendors and service providers to help get the job done.

And finally, local expertise matters. You wouldn't want someone from New Jersey to come and tell you how best to get from Arlington to Downtown Crossing. Please! You also wouldn't want someone from Newton, or Peabody or Waltham telling you how best to sell your Arlington home.  Knowing the ins and outs of a town - including the pool of buyers that's shopping around - comes from being ingrained in the community day in and day out.

Still think you don't have to do your homework to find a qualified REALTOR®? Just remember, what you see on the surface can be pretty straightforward (and typical). But dig a little deeper and realize that what you don't get from your REALTOR® is what can separate the best from the rest.

Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team aren't in the real estate business to make a quick buck, or to use it as a stepping stone for their next career move. Year after year of proven results and happy clients are what continue to make us Arlington's #1 real estate team.



Image via: DollarPhotoClub, Marek