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Arlington Storefront Stories

Strong local businesses – like good schools – are a big part of what make a town popular, prosperous, and a preferable place to live. In Arlington, we are lucky to have all of this and more.

Do you ever walk down Mass. Ave. and wonder what makes all these businesses tick? How did they come to be? Why they chose to do business in Arlington?

We are a town that tends to prefer a store where the owner knows our name over a strip mall, a local foodie joint over a chain restaurant, and businesses that focus on quality over quantity over a box stores (although sometimes those are necessary, too).

Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team values and takes pride in the place where we live and work. We believe in giving back to the community, and supporting the people and businesses that make this town great.

This year, we want to share the stories behind the storefronts. We are going to spotlight a new business every month, and shed light on the value that they bring to our town.

The first in our series is on deck. Torch Light Music School is located on Medford Street in Arlington and is run by the renowned singer and musician, Maura Lynch. It is a music school designed to help young musicians and artists find their true voice, as well as cultivate self-confidence and self-discovery.

Sound interesting? Stay tuned for our upcoming post, Torch Light Music School – Q&A with Maura Lynch.

Do you know of an Arlington business that should be covered? Just let us know! Leave a comment or email with your suggestion.