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The Wizards Behind the Curtain

At least 42% of people begin their home buying process online, according to a report by The National Association of REALTORS® (a number that is bound to keep growing).

As a first step, this makes perfect sense.

You can get a feel for what’s out there, how much homes are going for, and how fast they’re selling – all while drinking tea in fuzzy slippers on the couch. Looking at data and statistics, bedrooms and bathrooms, schools and public transportation options can take up a better part of a day, so you better make sure you’re comfortable.

When you go on the big sites like Zillow, Trulia, and you get access to a lot of information right off the bat. This is great when you’re getting the lay of the land and a feel for what is out there. But when you’re ready to go beyond ‘zesitmates’ and get serious about buying a home, you want a person behind those numbers.

The person or team behind the website should be able to answer your questions in real time, back up the data with an in-depth understanding of local dynamics, and address your specific needs without gimmicks or smoke in mirrors.

When you visit, you’re not only getting some of the best search capabilities, fastest alerts and notifications, and local insight and updates that are out there, but you also have a team of professionals behind every click of the mouse when you’re ready to take that next step.

Real estate isn’t magic, but when it’s time to make a move, you want a team with brains, heart and courage who believes there’s no place like a great home for you.

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*image via: Igor Mojzes, DollarPhotoClub