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Did You Know That Spring has Sprung?

OK so maybe spring hasn’t sprung in a meteorological sense, but in terms of real estate it sure has.

Most people think that the spring real estate market coincides with the season, which is about mid-March through mid-June.  But Boston being the driven, ambitious kinda place that it is, it starts a lot sooner around these parts.

Buyers want to be competitive and beat out other buyers so the great home search of 2016 is well underway. And sellers want a head start over other sellers, so the listings are sprouting up sooner. Top that with the fact that winter has been particularly forgiving to us New Englanders this year, and the weather isn’t holding anyone back.

Voilà, spring has sprung.

There is still time to get in the market and beat the high-season rush. We have a number of new listings on the horizon for home buyers, and our team of trained professionals can get sellers ready and in the market faster than a crocus can bloom in March.

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