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In the words of the late, great David Bowie, time may change me but you can't trace time. Although you can track changes over time which is what we are looking at here.

In keeping with our '30 Years' theme of Steve's experiences in the real estate business since 1986, this timely video from shows just how much prices have changed in the past 30 years - including housing, gas, the Big Mac, and even Radio Shack stock prices.


These are national numbers of course, but it's kind of interesting to see how things ch-ch-change. For example, cell phones are less expensive and more accessible than they were 30 years ago, but some stores where you would buy them no longer exist.

And these days buying a house is not nearly as challenging as figuring out how to pay off those student loans. So study hard in your Finance 101 classes kids, balancing a budget and managing your money has never been so important for achieving your long term goals like buying a first home.

(Good thing Arlington is wicked smaht about managing their finances. According to a recent WalletHub study, Arlington residents are among America's best money managers.)