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A Piece of the Pie

What day is more appropriate to talk about a slice of the pie than March 14th (3.14), the calendar version of the numerical constant.

Funny thing about pi is that while it is a mathematical constant, it is also an irrational number. So kinda like real estate. As a potential home buyer, the need for a home is always there, yet the process doesn’t always quite make sense.

For example, take your list of ‘must-have’s.’ They might include things like location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, garage, fireplace, yard size, etc. These are all important and logical choices as you begin your home search.

But, as we all know, once your home search gets cooking, trying to find everything on your list at a price point that is within budget can be like figuring out E=MC2. That’s when you need to start re-slicing and dicing. Maybe you wanted a nice big yard, but realizing that comes with a longer commute might put it lower on the priority list. Or, if you have a growing family, square footage might take the biggest slice of the pie with location being less important.

As you begin your home search you should definitely make that list and know what’s important to you. But also know that it is not a constant – while you may not get everything you want, the more you can shift and adjust your priorities based on what’s available to you in the market, you just might find you get your slice of the real estate pie.