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Home Sellers: Opt-in.

So maybe it’s been a while since you purchased your home in the Arlington area.  Maybe you’ve had thoughts of selling but you’ve heard about the low inventory, the competitive market among buyers, the frustration in finding a new home, and you’re opting to wait and see.

You’re not alone. Like many of our clients, you’ve thought about selling, but you’re concerned about finding a home to move in to. We understand. We’ve helped them and we can help you, too.

As a home seller in Greater Boston, you have many options – a strong market, low interest rates and one of the best real estate teams around, to start.

Opting in to the home selling process is the first step towards realizing what the sale of your home means to your future.

The second step is to contact us for a Current Market Analysis (CMA) of your home. The CMA will give you insight on the value of your home, potential expenses, the best timeline as well as a comprehensive overview of the market conditions.

It’s up to you to opt-in and move forward. We’re ready when you are.