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Summer Real Estate Update

Summer is in full swing and the forecast is sizzling for sellers.

Just the other weekend we had 5 properties listed – every single one sold, every single one had multiple offers and sold for above the asking price. That’s been the normal lately because of the lack of inventory and low interest rates which cause prices to go up. Stabilization will come eventually, but right now it really is a sellers’ marketplace. If you’re a buyer, you need to be proactive and very strategic when looking at houses.

For example:

  • A two-family on Pond View Road in East Arlington had 16 offers.
  • 2 properties in West Medford sold, both with multiple offers.

Buyers are out there on the search, and they’re not alone. They’re seeing the same families and people every weekend looking for something that is just right for them. The best thing to do is to get yourself prepared, get a broker, get preapproved, and start looking as soon as possible.

There are no dog days of summer when it comes to serious real estate in the Boston area. Buyers have invested too much time and energy to stop now. An active spring combined with these market conditions means summer home selling is set to sizzle.

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