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Six Degrees of Steve McKenna

Move over Kevin Bacon, there’s a new theory in town. It rests on the assumption that anyone in Arlington can be linked through their acquaintances to Steve McKenna within six steps.

Think about it. When you’ve lived and worked in Arlington for 30 years, you know a lot of people, including residents, neighbors, businesses, extended families, and industry connections.

Chances are you know someone knows someone who has bought or sold a home with Steve and the team.

A conversation at the Stop n’ Shop might go something like this:

Local A: “I’m looking for someone to replace my roof, you know anyone?”

Local B: “Yes! Steve McKenna helped sell my house two years ago and he has a lot of great connections, I’ll find out.”

Local A: “Oh yeah! Erika helped my sister buy her dream home in April and I see Tracy on the Minuteman Bikeway with Miles all the time.”

“Local B: That’s right! I have a friend who is good friends with Annie at the Medford Boatclub. Totally forgot about that.”

Local A: I will give them a ring!

And so it goes.

Can we link Kevin Bacon to Steve McKenna? We’re working on it. In the meantime, be sure to think of us for you, or your best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's neighbor’s real estate needs.

Everyone Knows Someone Who Knows Steve & The Team