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What Do Local College Rankings Mean to You?

Speaking of back to school, U.S. News and World Report just released their 2017 college rankings – a pretty big deal for our institutions of higher education.  Just as the quality of a public school system has a significant influence on home values for a town, colleges have an equally significant influence on the economic and social development of the cities and towns where they reside as well.

When you think of economic fluctuations with regards to jobs, industry (even housing) academic institutions provide an anchor to a community even as times change. With a college or university comes a constant population for local business, a source of community involvement, a workforce, arts and sports programs.... the list goes on.

Boston and the Greater Boston area have 8 nationally ranked schools:

#2 Harvard

#7 MIT

#27 Tufts

#31 BC

#34 Brandeis

#39 BU

#39 Northeastern

And a Liberal Arts College:

#3 Wellesley

So what does this mean to local homeowners and potential home buyers? It means that the Greater Boston area, including Arlington, Medford, Belmont, Somerville, etc. are favorably impacted by the stability, resources, brainpower and buying power that comes with these great schools.

It’s no wonder that Greater Boston has been, and continues to be, one of the most sought after locations for students, professionals, and families.

Want to call Greater Boston home? Sounds like a smart move to us.

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