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Smoke Signals

Whatever your preferred method of communication these days, pay attention to what State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey is trying to tell you.

“What we’ve seen in the past eight to 10 months across the state is that our fatal fires involve homes that have smoke alarms in them, but they are inoperative,’’  said Ostroskey from this article in the Boston Globe.

So the state of Massachusetts is taking action. As of December 1st, a new change in fire safety regulations will require that when homes built before 1975 are sold, they must be equipped with smoke detectors with a 10-year life span.

The details of why and how to obtain these new devices are here.

As we make the seasonal switch from A/C to home heating, and with daylight savings just around the corner, it is an opportune time to spot check all of your systems – furnace, chimneys, carbon monoxide detectors and fire detectors.

It could save a life!