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The Secret Sauce of Successful Home Selling (That No One's Telling You)

There are certain basic truths when it comes to successfully selling a home:Home Selling Secret Sauce

  1. Declutter
  2. Clean up the yard
  3. Price it right

These are all important steps. Decluttering the home enables buyers to picture themselves living there. Cleaning up the yard gives a positive first impression. Pricing a home correctly can mean the difference between selling it in three days or three months.

You know this, and most real estate professionals know this. But there are other criteria that are equally important and often overlooked – particularly by novice or part-time agents and FSBO’s.

And that is knowing the pool of buyers that are out there.

Here’s the thing. The only way to know the pool of buyers is to be out on the streets, viewing open houses, and talking to people every week and every month of the year. The pool of buyers is constantly changing, so to assume you know who’s looking for homes in Arlington Heights in the $500,000 range because you spoke to one family at an open house four weeks ago is to give false hopes to your sellers.

Knowing the pool of buyers is our crystal ball. It allows us to become the matchmaker, helping buyers find the home they’re looking for, and helping sellers understand who’s out there and how long it might take to find a fit.

There are no guarantees in real estate, but there is a secret sauce to successfully listing and selling a home. Our recipe has been serving satisfied home buyers and home sellers in Greater Boston for more than 30 years.

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