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The Best in 'Surban' Living

Not urban. Not suburban. Surban.  

That’s right, and Arlington could be the poster child for ‘surban’ living.

A recent article by MarketWatch talks about 5 Big Real-Estate Trends to Watch in 2017, one of which is
“the move from suburban-style sprawl — marked by McMansions and strip malls — to more dense communities of different housing arrangements, such as town houses, apartments and single-family homes, together in the same neighborhoods. In 2017, look for a new name for it: surban.”

Hmm, sounds familiar. Arlington has long been a surban oasis, in fact, we talk about this specifically in a post from a few years ago, “Where 'Suburbia' is No Longer a Four Letter Word.” Blending city and suburbia is what Arlington does best - Arlington Center and East Arlington restaurants, shops and theaters,  the Minuteman Trail, good schools, and parks in almost every neighborhood, and you get a best-of-both-worlds atmosphere.

Welcome to Arlington

According to John Burns Consulting in Chicago, it is expected that nearly 80% of residential growth will occur in surban communities over the next 10 years — up from 71% from 2015 — compared to just 15% for “urban” areas through 2025.

So if you’re currently a young professional in Cambridge, Somerville, or South Boston and your thinking about making a move out of the city, but you’re not quite ready for an hour+ commute – consider the 02476 and 02474 for a blended atmosphere.

And if you’re a 50+ couple looking to sell the family home and get a little closer to city culture, but you’re not quite ready to immerse yourself as a city slicker, Arlington might be the perfect fit for your next phase of life.

Arlington has a little something for everyone. We are the #1 real estate agent and #1 real estate team in Arlington. Give us a call and we'll help you find a home that is the perfect fit in a great place.

Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team