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Choosing a Real Estate Professional is Not a Popularity Contest - it's Personal.

Who knew that one innocent question could generate 95+ passionate comments on the Arlington List Facebook group. No, this has nothing to do with politics, plastic bags, leaf blowers, or bike lanes. It has to do with real estate.

“Has anyone had a really good experience with a real estate agent who knows the area well?”

Recently, someone from out of town posted this question to the Arlington List FaceBook Group, and based on the number of comments alone, one can clearly ascertain that,How to Choose a Real Estate Professional You Like.

A) There are A LOT of real estate professionals in the Arlington area, and

B) People feel strongly about the real estate agents they use.   

On the one hand, it is a nice snapshot of who’s who in real estate around town. On the other, that’s a biiig list to sort through. So how does one decide who to use, and who to lose?  

First, choosing a real estate professional is so much more than just a popularity contest. It’s personal. Having a recommendation from a friend or family member is a great place to start, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Buyers and sellers need to do their own homework, too. Interview candidates, get a feel for style and service, and see who gels with your real estate needs.

Definitive skills like marketing, transaction coordination, negotiation, scheduling, and follow-up are no-brainers when it comes to a real estate agent's must-have requirements.

But it’s those intangibles – a deep understanding of the local market, insight into the pool of buyers, and how someone reacts and responds to your unique situation which will separate the best from the rest.

Buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest, sometimes most overwhelming, endeavors you will take on. So yes, go ahead and scroll through the 95+ comments on the Arlington List thread. Certainly, there are plenty of high-quality professionals to choose from.

But know that there is an advantage to going with a proven team of exceptional professionals who can give you the best local expertise available – and the peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve got someone in your corner, every step of the way.