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Captain Obvious

Some things don’t need explaining. For example,

  • Would you go to the dentist for a broken leg? No.
  • Would you have your landscaper rotate your tires? Of course not.
  • Would you bring your iPhone to the plumber to get fixed? Maybe if you dropped it in the toilet.

Obvious answers to silly questions, right?

Then why would a home buyer or home seller choose a real estate professional….

  • Who is not from the area?
  • Who does real estate as a side job?
  • Just because they are a friend or family?

You wouldn’t put your health at risk by going to a part-time or unqualified doctor, nor should you risk one of the biggest financial transactions of your life by going to a part-time or unqualified real estate professional.

If you need a check-up we’re happy to refer you to a great practice in town. But if you need to list or buy a home, we are the #1 REALTOR® and real estate team in Arlington who have listed and sold more homes than any other team for the past 30 years.

Who are you going to choose to represent your real estate needs? The answer is obvious.