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The Envelope, Please.

Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team were honored to have received a number of awards from Real Living Real Estate in 2016, including:

While we are grateful to have received this recognition, it also brought to mind a Jerry Seinfeld speech about awards, “…it’s just that, awards are stupid. Every real estate office has some framed five diamond president’s award thing by the desk, every hotel check-in has some gold circle service thing….”

Well, it’s true. While we are honored and grateful to have earned these awards from Real Living because it’s a validation that we’re doing a good job, like Jerry, we don’t come to work every day in hopes of having a ‘platinum jubilee bowling trophy on our desk.’

Our greatest reward does not come with a trophy. We do what we do because we love what we do – helping our clients buy and sell their homes as smoothly as possibly, and for the best price possible.