Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

In my opinion, this team and real estate company are the best in the area, and that is why I chose to have them sell the property! They did a fantastic job from start to finish! 

Gina - Seller in Arlington

Steve is a very organized and professional sales agent. On top of that he has excellent people supporting him like Mitzi, Kristen and others. They work as a very good team. He works hard to cultivate this team. Steve also has good suggestions for the seller on the timing of the house as well as the best ways to show or display the house for selling. VERY IMPRESSIVE

Subbu - Seller in Lexington

Steve and Erika are both total pros and handled all aspects of our home sale with skill and aplomb. Steve worked us as we considered the implications of listing our home, and after we decided on a strategy, he brought in Erika to handle the marketing and sales processes. Would definitely use them again! 

Sam & Jinna - Sellers in Arlington

I have met several agents over the years and I wouldn't work with anyone other than Steve. I'm sure Bowes provides him with the resources he needs to be successful, but it's really about the experience with him. He gave us the confidence we needed to make the purchase. He did a very good job helping us understand the risks and weaknesses of the home, and helped us understand the investments we would need to make. He also balanced all of this with the positives. He was very patient with us, learned our style and 4 months after purchase, we are happier now with our new home than at the time of buying. 

D.P - Buyer, Lexington

Annie and Steve were amazing from open(house) to close(ing). We knew from our first meeting that BOWES was the proper choice for our Realtors. Both Annie and Steve answered all of our questions and demonstrated their expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process. Annie was always available to us even at absurd hours. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and made the selling of our first house bearable. BOWES will definitely be contacted when selling in the future. 

Kevin & Melanie - Sellers in Stoneham

I knew of the reputation of Steve McKenna and the Home Advantage Team (who wouldn't... his signs are everywhere) - and there was simply no choice other than to hire them! As you can imagine, selling our home of 23 years and buying a new one can be, well let’s just say crazy. He made the process less stressful. Communication, follow-up, follow-thru was fantastic. Everyone one on his Team, and let me call out those names, Erika Pereira, Mitzi Pallotta, Mike Pallotta, Donna Agostino, Kristen McKenna, were professional, amazing and always there for whatever crazy question, request we had! Equally important is the "dance" of selling and buying at the same time. Let me not forget the best part - multiple offers on our home, a great price and great terms! Steve and his team are an "army of amazing professionals!" I would highly recommend them! 

Robert & Maria - Sellers in Arlington

Buying a home can be a fun but very stressful process. We wanted someone that we could trust, that took the time to understand our needs and that we could get along with during the long process of viewing potential homes. We first met Erika Pereira in 2006 when we bought our first home in the area and have used her services three times now. We will never use anyone else. Whenever we would call or email Erika her response was always very quick. We called her several times on short notice to see a property and she would always make it happen.

What makes working with Erika so great is her patience in finding the perfect home for each individual client . It took us more than 4 months of searching to find the house we wanted and at times it was very frustrating finding exactly what we wanted. During this time, Erika would never let us lose sight of our goals or settle on something that didn’t fit what we told her we wanted from the beginning. When we ultimately did find our new home, Erika was also there to protect our interests when dealing with the sellers. We were very comfortable through the entire process of selling our old home and buying our new one. Erika and the entire Home Advantage team were there to tend every detail and make the process very smooth. Erika is not only a great buyer’s agent, but now a dear friend.

My association with Steve McKenna was extremely positive. Steve and his team honored every arrangement they made with me; provided me with accurate answers to my many questions, advised me as to when I should consult/obtain legal advice; made positive suggestions regarding things required so that I could sell my property for top dollar (I received two offers that were above the asking price) and stood by me with further advice and guidance when my first offer fell through. I never felt like I was receiving any “pressure” and it was always made clear to me that all decisions were mine and that no action would be taken on anything (no matter how small) without my permission. This was explained to me clearly “up front” and Steve and his team lived up to exactly what they said. They far exceeded my expectations . Their professionalism and dedication certainly showed!

“Working with you on the sale of my condominium has been such a pleasure. You have made a potentially stressful time quite the opposite. I’ve appreciated your timely communication, straightforward approach and offers of help above and beyond the norm. Your professionalism and kindness has marked every interaction. Many, many, thanks! Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations.”

I think we’ve pretty much recovered from selling the house, though we haven’t finished unpacking yet! But if I wait for that to be done, you’ll never get this note and I’ve been thinking about sending it since the day of our closing on July 20 th and it‘s already August!! I just didn’t grasp that I suddenly wouldn’t see you again after all those weeks of intensive work together, obvious though it was!! So I’m writing to say goodbye and thank you and your whole team. I’ve bought and sold quite a few houses in my life with a variety of real estate brokers, and Jack has sold even more during his days working in real estate development in Boston. You are the best by a big margin—in fact; you have become our standard for a good agent.

We were very impressed by your whole approach, expertise and attention to detail from that first meeting with all the stats about Arlington real estate to the very last day when you were already several steps ahead in dealing with the trash on the morning of the closing. The work you did, day by day, making the right judgment calls and staying on top of everything enabled us to sell our house quickly and as painlessly as possible in a scary market and was worth every penny of your commission. I’ve seen many people struggle through trying to sell their house without a good broker—that’s even happened to me once in the past—so I especially want you and your team to know what a pleasure and relief it is to work with the best in the business…it really makes a difference. Thank you all.

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