Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We talked with Steve for quite a while before putting our house on the market. He performed an initial market analysis and several updates before we finally decided the time was right to pull the trigger and put our house on the market. Steve was patient and very helpful during the time we were making up our mind. He never used pressure and waited for us to make the decision. When we did put our house on the market, Steve was very helpful to explain the marketing activities, showing details and open house schedule. We were very lucky as we received an excellent offer during the first open house, with other back up offer opportunities. I should not say it was luck, it was due to Steve’s help in setting the right price for the market and his excellent marketing activities. After the offer and conditions were successfully completed, Steve and his team were very helpful through out the entire process leading up to closing. Steve and his team were also great about returning emails and phone calls promptly during the process.

We would not hesitate to use Steve and his team again if the need arises again to sell or purchase a home in the Arlington or surrounding area .

We would like to thank you, on behalf of our entire family, for the outstanding real estate services you have provided to us over the last 5 years. You have been able to find “just the right place” for each of us and to help us through every step of the transaction – from providing advice in connection with the “offer”, to assisting with the myriad, easily overlooked details of “closing”, and finally to supporting us through the process of “moving in”. Your close attention to our projects, and the range of services provided by your team, have consistently been of the highest caliber . We appreciate not only the high professional standards your team exemplifies, but also your warm understanding of our needs and your candid advice on the tough choices.

We confidently recommend your services whenever we have the opportunity to do so, pointing out that we have dealt with serveral competent real estate agents over the years, but that the quality of your support is beyond anything we have seen or heard of and that your honest candor has always been right on target. We look forward to having you handle the real estate aspects of our next “downsizing” move!

We just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all your help with our house sale. We’re so pleased with how everything went. We very seriously considered trying to sell the house ourselves – it looks so easy from the outside. Setting a price, having an open house, making the sale. We couldn’t have known what a difference your expertise about the market, about advertising, and about negotiating would make throughout the process . We also couldn’t have predicted how much time and energy went into the negotiation. Very soon after we started working with you, we felt sure we’d made the right decision (and we were also relieved not to be doing the house sale on our own!).

[We] wanted to say “Thank you” for all that you did for us during the sale of our old house and purchase of our new house. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and the way things turned out . Charlton Street and our new house in particular are awesome! We are familiar with a lot of our neighbors and love the new ones we’ve met in the last two weeks. The house is perfect. We have so much more room!!! You were great, attentive and helpful .

I want to thank you again for all the hard work you put in to get the [family] property closed. I know it was not easy dealing with us and all the emotions, but you were a true professional .

I would like to take a moment to thank you [Steve and Erika] for everything you have done for us. This wasn’t an easy sale on many levels, and yet you both gave it your all and persevered to the finish . It is difficult to express how grateful I am for your good nature, warmth, competence, generosity, optimism, and equilibrium under way-less-than-ideal circumstances. I hold both of you – and your work – in the highest regard. I am a firm believer in the “Pay it Forward” concept. Kindness is always repaid in one way or another. With your reputation I can’t imagine you are much in need of references, but if ever you are, I am happy to help.

Erika Pereira helped us in a real estate search that lasted many months. Her expertise, promptness, commitment, and overall professionalism are unrivaled.

I am sure that most agents would have lost patience with us, given the duration of our search, and the fact that we modified our search criteria many, many times. Not Erika. Erika told us to walk away from several properties, even when we were interested – we found this compelling because she could have earned her commission and moved on. Instead, she took the time to steer us in the right direction.

Erika promptly and clearly responded to every question we asked – many of our questions were about minor or even insignificant details – and maintained enthusiasm even when we grew weary. On one occasion, we backed away from a property after making an initial bid; I feared that at this point Erika would write us off as unreliable or undecided clients. When a listing appeared that finally met each of our many criteria, Erika took immediate action so that we could bid before the property’s scheduled open house.

She then helped us negotiate credits to our offer, enduring, again, what felt like an excruciatingly detailed back and forth series of emails between the various parties. Erika looked after our interests through this entire process and helped win our prize without over-bidding. After our deal closed, she remained available to us when we sought recommendations for local contractors.

I would not consider making a real estate decision without her.

Steve was instrumental in the sale of my home. Selling a home requires a very specific skill-set — it is complex, detailed, and demands constant attention. Steve was very professional throughout the entire process. He had thorough knowledge of the marketplace, he was realistic in setting expectations, and he had a comprehensive understanding of buyer demographics in the area .

To top it off, he has a well-organized team overseeing the transactions to provide guidance and support every step of the way. Everyone did an excellent job making the transactions and the sale of my home go as smooth as possible.

We chose Steve as our real estate agent because of his reputation for excellent marketing, planning and negotiation strategies. He is a highly ethical business person with expert knowledge about the housing markets he serves.

Every aspect of Steve’s approach to the home buying and selling process is extremely competent, efficient and effective . He gets things done fast and with minimum fuss. He also put us in touch with resources needed for moving: stager, engineer, house cleaner, painter, repair people, plumbers, movers, etc.

Steve is charming, witty, courteous, and patient, making him an all-around wonderful real estate agent to work with.

Steve and Erika were very effective in selling my home. I was a first-time seller, and I was living in my place for nearly forty years. Steve was clear and informative, and guided me through what can be an overwhelming and emotional process .

Erika was patient, persistent and worked with me closely until I found – and was able to buy – my condo. She kept up with my needs, and set the bar high in order to attain exactly what I was looking for.

The reassurance I found with Steve and Erika made the process of selling my home and finding a new one much smoother.

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