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Let Us Eat Cake - And Have a Conversation

tech <div><span>Throughout the month of July, Governor Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor</span> <span>Tim Murray are embarking on a '</span><a href= ""><span>Summer Conversation Tour</span></a><span>' across the state. The purpose of the tour is to address areas of importance including</span> <a href= ""> <span>jobs</span></a><span>,</span> <a href= ""> <span>education</span></a><span>,</span> <a href= ""> <span>health care</span></a><span>,</span> <a href= ""> <span>youth violence</span></a> <span>and other current issues.</span> <strong>Tim Murray is scheduled to visit Arlington on Thursday, July 14th at 6:00 p.m. at the Arlington Town Hall</strong> (730 Massachusetts Avenue). <p>July 14th also happens to be</p> <p><a href= ""><span>Bastille Day</span></a> <span><span>- the French National Holiday. However, at this meeting no one will be storming Town Hall and sparking a revolution - just the opposite. It is an opportunity for Arlington citizens to voice their opinions and 'claim their right to self-determination' just as the French were aiming to accomplish 222 years ago.</span></span>Vive la démocratie!</p> </div>

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