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We Know Something You Don't Know

You don't know what you don't know. And sometimes you think you know, until you find out you don't. And you know that's not good.

We work with clients from all walks of life with all types of backgrounds and expertise. They know lots of stuff we don't know, and we would never try to do what they do. For example, we wouldn't walk into a classroom and begin teaching high school math, or start making trades like a portfolio manager, or perform surgery like a surgeon from MGH. We KNOW we don't know these things - and that's OK.

Knowledge is power and it's important to have a baseline understanding of certain things -- like basic math skills, how to save your money, and when to apply a Band-aid with Neosporin. However there is a point when it's best to leave certain things to the experts (AP calculus, currency hedging, heart surgery).

Same goes for real estate. It is worthwhile to have an understanding of the real estate market and what it takes to buy and sell a home. You should know things like, your FICO score, closing costs and contingencies. But the complexity of real estate transactions is increasing. Changing regulations and fluctuating markets have made real estate logistically challenging, and what you don't know can leave you powerless to the implications (legal, financial, emotional).

We've been buying and selling homes for clients in Arlington for more than 25 years. We would never claim to know everything, but we sure know a lot about negotiating, pricing, location, value, timing - you name it - when it comes to real estate.

We know something you don't know. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, the knowledge of The Home Advantage Team is your advantage in a competitive and ever-changing real estate market.

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't," - Bill Nye (The Science Guy)



Image via:, Dollar Photo Club