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The Great Candy Debate

This is a little off topic, but very important as it relates to potential homeowners.

While the independent-aged kids were out trick-or-treating for Halloween last night, the adults had an in-depth conversation about what constitutes the ‘good candy.’ It was a heated debate, but we did discover some basic and fundamental Halloween truths:

  • Tootsie rolls are the ‘raisins’ of today’s youth. If you get one, you have permission to put it back in the bowl and say, ‘no thank you, please do better next time.’
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are A-1 coveted. But which ones you prefer comes down to the peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio:
    • Some like the smaller individual cups
    • Some like the larger ‘two-pack’
    • Some like the Reese’s Pieces hidden inside the peanut butter cup
  • KitKat’s and Twix are a close second.
  • Candy corn: you love it or you hate it. How you eat it (top down or bottom up) is a topic for another day.
  • Mounds and Almond Joy? Just no.
  • Chips and Pringles are actually a nice option for the non-candy kids (they do exist).
  • The toothbrush as a handout is a little passive-aggressive for Halloween.

So how does this in any way relate to potential homeowners? If you’re renting in the city and are closer in age to a trick-or-treater than you are to walking the neighborhood with a little batman or unicorn, these are things you will need to know when you have a neighborhood home someday. You don’t need to have ‘the big bars’ to be the cool house on the block, but you do need to know your audience. And just so you know, your kids’ friends will absolutely judge you based on the candy you distribute – so again, choose wisely.

It all comes back to real estate (even if it is a stretch). Now pass me the Reese’s.

A Few Home Advantage Team Favorites:

  • Steve: Anything chocolate
  • Erika: Snickers
  • Annie: Twix! But also the old school bars you never see anymore, like Butterfinger
  • Kristen: Butterfinger and Reese's are a close second
  • Carolyn: In the name of research I re-tested them all, but still come back too Reese’s (Pieces, then Cups)

The Great Candy Debate: Which is Your Favorite?

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