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From Boston to the Burbs: A Well-traveled Path to Homeownership

**Disclaimer: We understand this is not everybody’s path. Not everyone goes to college, chooses to live in the city, gets a dog or starts a family.

But, based on our observations and working with hundreds (and hundreds) of home buyers, we know that there are many who do follow this Boston-to-the-Burbs route.

And speaking from personal experience, I could be a poster child for this pilgrimage – throw in a relocation (twice), swap out a cat for the dog and I think we covered all the bases.  

So, here's the drill that we see time and again, from the top –

  1. Graduate from somewhere, get a job doing something.
  2. Find an apartment (work like a dog to pay the rent).
  3. Get married (wedded bliss! But really, bliss is having two incomes to pay the rent).
  4. Test the parental waters with a dog (so fun! Dog parks, treats, & long walks on the beach).
  5. Realize you can keep the dog alive and have a kid (so exciting but whoa, kids require a lot of stuff and your apartment is quickly shrinking).
  6. Paying rent feels like throwing money out the window (and you need more space for the kid and a yard for the dog).
  7. Look to the suburbs for a home (but not too far! You’re still a city person and want to walk to the corner store. No minivans for you).
  8. Have a zillion questions (What town or home is right for you, how do you get a pre-approval, what mortgage is best).
  9. Realize you are slowly becoming your parents.
  10. Buy a home.

You may fight it. You may embrace it. You may choose no part of it. But if and when you’re ready to make the move from Boston, Southie, Cambridge or Somerville to the Burbs, contact us. We’ve helped people just like you (and every variation of ‘you’ there is) to find their dream home, in their dream town (minivan not included). 

The Path to Homeownership - From Boston to the Burbs

The Path to Homeownership - From Boston to the Burbs

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