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How to Prepare Your Home to Sell in the Summer

Everything is just a bit easier in the summer – the weather is nicer, the days are longer, and everyone is more agreeable than in, say, January.

There are many reasons to consider selling your home in the summer. In addition to the above, timing works if you have kids who need to start school in the fall, brighter days means your home’s interior will show well, and yards and gardens look beautiful full bloom.

If you are preparing to sell your home in the summer, here are some tips to get you started:

Make outdoor spaces shine – Think of the flowers as your outdoor accents. Mulch the beds, mow the yard, rake the leaves left over from winter and let nature do the work of showcasing your home to potential buyers.

De-pollinate – Anyone in New England knows ‘the pollination’ in spring is no joke. The lasting effects of watery eyes and sneezing extend to pollen-covered windows and doors. Be sure to wash your windows and surfaces, a clear view of your home inside and out has an impact on would-be buyers.

Tidy Up – Reflect the easy-breezy feel of summer by decluttering and organizing. Buy some storage bins or find a local charity to donate unwanted clothes and furniture.

Make Repairs – Have you been putting off power washing the deck or fixing that leaky faucet? Now is the time to call a maintenance person to address any repairs that might otherwise distract a buyer from seeing your home’s true potential.

Plan your vacation accordingly – If you can, plan your vacation when your home hits the market so you don’t have to work around showings and open houses. This is especially helpful if you have pets or kids home for the summer. If you can’t arrange a vacation, try and schedule a camp for the kids at this time.

Keep the A/C on for showings – Even if it’s not particularly hot, keep the A/C on to ensure a consistent temperature throughout your home. This also helps to keep allergy symptoms down, as well as any ambient outside noise, particularly if you are near a busy road.

Hire a mover – if you’ve ever moved yourself or someone else into a college dorm in August, you know how uncomfortable heavy lifting can be in the heat. Hire a mover to handle your things and be sure to book early as summer can be busy. 

And the best strategy of all for selling your home in the summer (or any time of year)? Work with a seasoned real estate team.

 When you work with Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team you have a group of experienced real estate professionals who will understand how to price your home and negotiate the best terms and conditions for you. In addition, we can refer you to vetted, trusted business professionals, including movers, cleaners, maintenance people and many more who will make your move a seamless success.

Selling your home in the summer starts today with Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team.  

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell in the Summer

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