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The More the Merrier: Why are Six Agents Better than One?

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what does that make eight? Well, in terms of who you trust to accompany you on your home-buying and/or home-selling journey – eight is great! Our six agents, Transaction Coordinator/Property Manager, and Marketing Coordinator form a collective group of diversely qualified, multifaceted individuals who are ready to assist and support you as you navigate the ever-changing real estate market. Listed below are eight reasons why a team of eight is better than one:

1. We’ll Set You Up for Success. Deciding where to start your home-buying and/or home-selling journey can feel overwhelming. However, with the help of Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team, we will help strategize and build a personalized plan to ensure you reach your real estate goals.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. With a team of eight in your corner, the competition doesn’t stand a chance. Our team is not only well-acquainted with Greater Boston's housing market, but each agent has independent connections to and knowledge of town's and neighborhood's alike. By working with a team, our agents are able to exchange and share their expertise and experiences, giving you a competitive edge.

3. Covering All Your Bases. There are a range of vital factors that one must consider to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sale/purchase. With the help of our team, your agent(s) will prioritize each of your individual wants and needs to ensure your preferences and requirements are taken into account and at the forefront of your buying/selling experience. Working with a team makes finding your dream home or selling your property that much easier as we account for all your bases.

4. Divide and Conquer. With the entirety of Greater Boston at hand, that is a lot of ground to cover for just one agent. However, the vast expanse is Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team’s area of expertise. In Arlington, Medford, Woburn, and beyond, our agents cover ground in the towns and neighborhoods they are most familiar and intertwined with. When searching for or selling a home, our team can effectively monitor the markets in and around the areas you’re most interested in. 

5. Well-Rounded Team. With not only a trusted team of agents to work with, you also receive an additional layer of support from the team’s marketing department, both online and in print. With her fresh approach to branding strategies and understanding of the online/social media realm, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Elizabeth Davenport works to seamlessly to merge the real estate and branding spaces. Elizabeth's efforts, along with those of her collegiate interns, allow for an engaging yet informative approach to promoting your listing on our website and social media accounts, as well as providing frequent posts about new listings and open houses for those in search of a home. Moreover, you have Mitzi Pallotta, our Transaction Coordinator & Property Director, by your side. Mitzi ensures every process is seamless and well-executed, while keeping things moving efficiently. She is a licensed agent and understands each step of the team’s business.  

6. Connections: What’s Yours is Ours. As an established real estate team that has been recognized as the #1 team in Arlington for more than 35 years, we’ve grown a notable reputation and wildly diversified network of connections in both the real estate space and supporting fields. From contractors to electricians, The Home Advantage Team offers access to a wide variety of maintenance professionals to either get your home ready for sale or keep your new home feeling “like new.”

7. Accomplishments & Achievements. With Licensed Real Estate Advisor & Specialist Steve McKenna at the forefront of The Home Advantage Team, our team has excelled tremendously and received critical and client acclaim. McKenna has been Arlington’s #1 Realtor since 1991, developing his holistic approach to real estate and amassing a great deal of accomplishments in both the spheres of Greater Boston and of Sotheby’s International Realty. The Home Advantage Team is a major part of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty – one of the most influential affiliates of this prestigious and decorated real estate network. The Team ranks in the Top 100 Teams & Agents of Sotheby’s International Realty Worldwide and Number #3 by Volume in Massachusetts.

8. Support & Representation. We understand how important feeling seen and heard is, especially along the home buying and home selling processes. Whether it's going over paperwork with you or ensuring your voice is heard, our team undoubtedly prioritizes our client’s presence before all else. With a team supporting you along the way, you are guaranteed to have a bounty of figures to provide you with any assistance you may require, as well as be adequately represented and heard throughout your experience.


As you begin to navigate the fast-paced, ever-changing real estate market, look to a team to offer you guidance and support every step of the way. With Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team on your side, your real estate journey will be one of success. Get in touch with us today to start your real estate journey, and to experience luxury at every level. 

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