Three Truths and a Lie

Think you know Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team? Think again!

Check out the 'Three Truths and a Lie' for the Team - you might be surprised by what you find out!

I am Mike Pallotta and…

I am a certified Rescue SCUBA diver.

TRUTH! I got my Open Water Certification during my Freshman year in college. I received my Advanced Open Water certification my Sophomore year and my Rescue Diver certification Junior Year.

I lived in Bermuda for 3 months.

TRUTH! I studied abroad in Bermuda for 3 months during my Junior Year at Roger Williams University.

I am allergic to bees.

                LIE! I have been stung multiple times by bees and never had a reaction (other than ‘ouch’).

I used to have a scorpion as a pet.

TRUTH! My roommate and I went out to buy a fish for our dorm and ended up coming back with a scorpion instead. Our other roommate was not too happy, but it was a great conversation piece!

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