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Three Truths and a Lie

Think you know Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team? Think again!

Check out the 'Three Truths and a Lie' for the Team - you might be surprised by what you find out!



I kissed the Blarney Stone.

TRUTH!  I was traveling for a month with friends. Fun fact: To kiss the Blarney stone you have to bend over, backward, over an open space, between the castle and the stone, while two people hold you to keep you from falling!

I met my husband in London, England.

FALSE!  I met my British husband in Bermuda and that’s a story for another day!

I am a six-time Bocci champion.

TRUTH!  I play league bocci at the Medford Boat Club and I have won three times with my Ladies Evening Team (ages 20’s to 90’s) and 3 times with my couples team. 

I have been whitewater kayaking and hiking in the Alps.

TRUTH! Again the month-long trip in Europe...the water in the Alps is so cold, it literally takes your breath away.



Tracy Wallace

I speak 3 languages fluently.

LIE!  But it sounds impressive (impresionante? impressionnant? impressionante?)

I hate Mac n’ Cheese.

TRUTH!  I have never liked Mac n’ Cheese – even as a kid. But really, can you blame me??

I was a ski instructor in high school.

TRUTH! I started skiing at the age of 2 and was an instructor at New Hampshire ski mountain.

My father was a professional wrestler.

TRUTH! His wrestling name was “The Golden Greek.” Needless to say, I did not follow in his footsteps when it came to a career path.

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I am a certified Rescue SCUBA diver.

TRUTH! I got my Open Water Certification during my Freshman year in college. I received my Advanced Open Water certification my Sophomore year and my Rescue Diver certification Junior Year.

I lived in Bermuda for 3 months.

TRUTH! I studied abroad in Bermuda for 3 months during my Junior Year at Roger Williams University.

I am allergic to bees.

                LIE! I have been stung multiple times by bees and never had a reaction (other than ‘ouch’).

I used to have a scorpion as a pet.

TRUTH! My roommate and I went out to buy a fish for our dorm and ended up coming back with a scorpion instead. Our other roommate was not too happy, but it was a great conversation piece!

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