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Home Selling Tips

Listed below are our five most important home selling tips to get you in the market. 

1. Be prepared. The first step is to contact a trusted REALTOR® for a Current Market Analysis (CMA) of your home. The CMA will give you insight on the value of your home, potential expenses, the best timeline as well as a comprehensive overview of the market conditions.  

2. Get Your Home in Order. This can be one of the most overwhelming steps. For example, cleaning out the clutter, making those fixes to the roof, plumbing, walls that you’ve been meaning to do for years. Take the time to clean up your yard - don't turn buyers off before they even get in the door. You don't want something visually distracting to keep people from appreciating what you're trying to sell. There are a number of unique home selling techniques to help you out.

3. Buying & Selling Simultaneously. You may be in a position to place your home for sale, subject to you buying a new home. The tricky business of selling your current home before you can buy the next one can be challenging. Getting your finances in order is a must. Think of it; if you have your house sold and know what you can afford to buy, then you can go out and make an offer on the home you want because all of your proverbial ducks are in a row. 

4. Look at short term rentals & new construction. This is not usually a preferred choice, but it may be the best alternative. If you need to sell your home first, it can be difficult to sell, buy and move in on the same day. It’s possible the buyer of your home may let you to stay for a short period of time, but it's better to have the safety net in place, just in case. Buying new construction can be a great option because it gives you have a more definitive timeframe for selling your current home, thereby making it easier to coordinate the entire process.

5. The Most Important Tool To Sell Your Home. Yes you need the prep work to successfully sell your home – advertising, promoting, social media, etc.  But there is one marketing tool which can't be bought, taught, copied, or replicated, and that is the ability to price a home properly. Often sellers believe their home should sell at a higher price than the market will allow. Unfortunately, this can spiral downward in the form of price reductions and frustration, and can result in the home selling for less than it could (or should) have. A skilled REALTOR® can price your home effectively for a successful sale.

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