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Steve McKenna

Home Buying Bracketology

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March madness is upon us - spring is here (and so is the snow), and the NCAA basketball tournament is in full swing.Which is why it seems like a good time to apply the idea of [...]

A New Tool for the Real Estate Toolbox?

When you think of a forecast, you might think of the next seven days and whether you need to bring an umbrella to work.

But there is a new forecasting tool in real estate designed to tell you whether your home will increase or decrease in value over the next [...]

Cooper's Cause

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By now you all know Cooper, the YourHomeForSale wonder dog. He is a valued member of the team who can sniff out the best real estate deals in Arlington, shake hands with clients, and [...]

Meet the Parents

An estimated 80 million people comprise the category known as 'Gen Y' - people born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s. Gen Y and real estate have been on the outs lately, mostly because of difficult job and housing markets - a double whammy that [...]

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