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'No Left Turn' Policy Making Waves off Water Street

tech <div><span><a href= "!/home.php?sk=question&id=207249515987293&qa_ref=sa"> Take our poll and voice your opinion</a>!</span></div> <div><span>There is a new policy in town, and it's already inciting 'for' and 'against' discussions among town residents. Effective July 15, people are no longer allowed to make a left hand turn onto Massachusetts Ave. from Water Street.</span></div> <div><a href= "">  </a></div> <div><span>On the 'for' side, people say it makes it safer for people crossing to and/or from the library because they don't have to worry about cars turning into the crosswalk.</span></div> <div><span>On the 'against' side, it is a highly trafficked area, with the post office right nearby. The no left turn may drive people to pull in to the library parking lot in order to turn around and head east on Massachusetts Ave. - also creating unsafe situations and additional traffic.</span></div> <div><span><a href= ""> <span>We set up a poll</span></a> on Facebook to gauge the opinions of residents in the area. So pass it along and tell your friends - it will be interesting to see where the majority opinion falls.</span></div>

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